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  ALL PUMPS GRC Sump Pump Package

All-PUMPS Sump Pump Package precast GRC

The All-PUMPS Sump Pump Package combines a precast GRC (glass reinforced cement) sump designed for low flow-rate applications with a range of compact automatic sump pumps.

These applications include sullage, septic effluent, stormwater, sub-soil drainage, industrial waste and condensate drainage. The sumps can also be used as silt traps or collection sumps for larger stormwater systems.

ALL PUMPS Polyethylene Packaged Pump Station  

The ALL-PUMPS Polyethylene Packaged Pump Station combines a heavy duty polyethylene pit with a wide range of pumps to provide prefabricated pumping stations for many uses.

Applications include domestic and commercial sewage, septic effluent, stormwater and industrial waste.

A choice of lid options is available, including light service hinged aluminum lids and light or heavy service cast iron covers.

Polyethylene Packaged Pump Station

   ALL PUMPS Precast Concrete Pumping Station

Precast Concrete Pumping Station

The ALL PUMPS Precast Concrete Packaged Pumping Stations are a unique, mould-formed chamber with a smooth, hard, impervious finish.

These units have been developed for use in multi-dwelling residential installation, commercial and industrial developments and common effluent schemes where twin pumps or larger storage volumes are required.

Pits can be supplied with integral valve chambers, fully sealed against ingress of liquid or gas, an innovation which further reduces capital cost, space requirements and on-site labour.


The ALL-PUMPS range of KWIKALARM Alarm Panels were developed to meet the need to provide a level alarm warning in septic tanks, water storage tanks, pump sumps and dump pits.

They are designed for easy installation and incorporate low voltage float switches and a cable and plug for connection to a standard power outlet.

The KWIKALARM Model K124 has one float switch which can be configured for high or low level alarm.

The KWIKALARM Model K224 is designed for septic holding tanks and has two floats and one solenoid.

Pump Alarm Panels

Typical Applications:

• Pump Pits

• Septic Tanks

• Water Supply Storage

• Flood Protection

• Bunded Areas

• Dump Tanks

   All-Pumps Undersink Sullage Chamber

Undersink Sullage Chamber

The ALL-PUMPS Undersink Sullage Chamber Model USC 90 was developed to meet a continually growing need to handle sink and basin waste in circumstances here gravity discharge is not feasible. E.g. restaurants, basements of high-rise buildings, boardrooms, laboratories, doctor and dental surgeries, construction sites and portable building facilities.

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